About US

Finvass: An idea born from the lack of Community review and feedback on financial products and topic

Finding and investing time and money in right product/services is one of the most important decision and requires a lot of effort, time and investigation. I have spent a lot of time searching, reading and trying to find the right products/services. The sheer amount of info itself makes it harder to identify what is right for you. Not to mention a lot of Terms and Conditions that is almost always over-looked. 

Through discussion with friends and acquaintances to understand how they decide on products and services available in market (aka initial User survey). A regular ask from everyone was for a platform where you can see products rated and reviewed by the Community which they can trust like they do on various other platforms like Glassdoor, Zomato, Google reviews, Amazon etc. These platform has made it easy for the Community to read, discuss and decide on what is good or what fits their needs. Being a big fan of Wisdom of Crowds in a way that it balances out the biases various participants of "Crowd" have.

Hence, I begin on this journey to build a Community based Platform that streamlines the access to information and at the same time has the capability to Canvass (and Finvass came to life) User's review and comments around the Financial product and related product/services and topics, decisions and more to be used by Community to help them in their decisions. Going forward we aim to make it easier for Users to find correct information easily, new ways to look at products/services to pick from and specially try to reduce the Information Noise around these decisions that are a big investment in terms of Time and Money we end up investing in them.

You are welcomed to review, comment, share information and maybe add the products/service you feel should be here, to add to the collective knowledge of the Community.